New Technologies in Supply Chain.

Technology and digital transformation are high on the agenda for Australian supply chain leaders as they look to 2022 as a year of recovery following the upheaval of the previous two years.

COVID-19 has prompted companies to reconsider their global supply chain strategy and speed up implementing new technologies and digital solutions.

Many new cloud-based supply chain platforms have arisen, which is a good thing. These platforms can improve end-to-end supply chain connectivity and visibility, as well as resilience and agility, without the usual overhead associated with many traditional tools and risk-management methodologies.

Warehouse management systems (WMS), order management systems (OMS), and integrated business planning (IBP) tools are the most widely installed and/or in the process of being scaled across businesses, according to respondents.

Across supply chains, connect and collaborate.

Predictive analytics and AI are a new trend in Supply Chain, that can improve the organisations goals.

Supply Chain Leaders’ Sentiment Report 2021 - Deloitte.

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